SEO Company Renfrewshire

We are an SEO company in Renfrewshire who specialise in providing the perfect solution for all of our customers – both big and small. We strive to make our customers websites visible online and we endeavor to deliver tangible results for each and every one of our clients.

We pride ourselves in our approachable, personalised working manner and aim to work with our clients to offer results that will last for years to come.

As an SEO company we are completely different from other companies in Renfrewshire that offer SEO as a service. This is because first and foremost our methods are completely ethical and are within Google’s guidelines. SEO companies who use methods that are unethical can get quick results for their clients websites, however, as soon as Google does an update that clients website will be penalised and could end up being banned by the search engines.

As well as being completely different when it comes to our methods we are also different in our prices, contracts and set up fees. With our prices we don’t just give each and every company the same prices, this is because every industry is different with their competition so they may need less or more work than what another company needs. We will carry out detailed research into your industry and the keywords that you want to target and find out how competitive it is, this will allow us to put together an SEO package that has been completely tailored to you.

We never charge set up fees because there is no point in charging our customers a big large sum to start off with, especially when a lot of customers may not necessarily be able to afford it. When it comes to contracts we feel confident enough in ourselves that we don’t have to tie any of our customers into a contract ever.

We only take on one client per industry in an area, this is because there would be no point in taking on more because we’d just be competing with ourselves. So if for example you were a builder in Renfrewshire then we won’t be doing SEO for any other builder in this area.

During your SEO campaign we will be optimising your website both onsite and offsite using a wide range of techniques. At the end of each month you will then be provided with a monthly report which details the progress that your website has made over that month. If there are any new products/services that you would like to target then we are also able to add that to the list of keywords that you want your website to be found for.

For additional information on what our SEO company can do for you please arrange a consultation with our main SEO. To do so all you have to do is give us a call on 0141 280 2411 and we’ll discuss an appropriate time and date to meet.


SEO Services Renfrewshire

If you have a website but you can’t find it whilst searching online then the reason may be that your website isn’t optimised very well. In order to stand out from the competition it is important that the information about your company and your products/services are easily accessible, SEO can help with this.

SEO – short for Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting your website found on the search engines for keywords that relate to your business and the products/services that you offer.

SEO services can offer the following benefits:

  • Long-term results
  • A higher return on investment
  • Targeted traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased sales
  • Increased accessibility


There are many SEO requirements to consider and to add to a website before it can be properly ranked by Google. Google has introduced a range of algorithm updates such as Pigeon, Panda and Penguin, these updates were introduced to prevent people from using black hat techniques to try and trick Google into ranking them higher.

Black hat – This is where a company/individual uses unethical techniques to rank a website. If Google finds that a website has been using unethical techniques then that website is penalised by the Google search engine and could be banned, ultimately causing the website owner to lose their rankings on the search engine.

White hat – This is where a company/individual uses ethical techniques to rank a website. These techniques are within Google’s guidelines so they are the only techniques that can ever provide long-term success on the search engines.

Here at our company we specialise in SEO and have done so for over 13 years now, with our knowledge and experience in this industry we are able to help our clients in Renfrewshire rank for both local and national search terms.

We never use black hat techniques so you can expect the techniques that we use to be within Google’s guidelines. This means that you will never have to worry about your website being penalised and banned by the search engines.

As part of our SEO services we will be optimising your website both onsite and offsite. Competitor analysis is a big part of our SEO services too so you can expect us to find out what your competitors are being found for so that you can be ahead of them on the search engines. After each month you can expect us to send you over a monthly report which will detail what search terms are being found and where they are being found on the search engine.

Before we are able to start any SEO campaign it is important that we carry out keyword research, this will determine what your competition is within your industry which will give us a better idea of how much will be needed in order to rank your website on the search engine for your desired keywords. What we find during the keyword research stage will reflect the cost of your SEO campaign, however, we can reduce the price for you if you feel that the price is too high and the process would just take a bit longer.

We only take on one client per industry, this means that you don’t have to worry about us doing SEO for someone else in the same industry as you in Renfrewshire. Instead, we will just be working to get you found for these search terms.

There are no contracts with our SEO services, this is because we are confident that the results we bring will keep you as a customer with us.

To find out more about what our SEO services can offer to you and other businesses in Renfrewshire all you have to do is give us a call on 0141 280 2411. We’ll then discuss SEO in greater depth and will answer any questions that you may have about our SEO services.


SEO Consultant Renfrewshire

What we can offer

Here at our company we have over 13 years experience in Search Engine Optimisation otherwise known as SEO. In the time that we have been doing SEO we have helped clients in Renfrewshire across a variety of sectors, clients who have both big and small companies.

We have developed, implemented and managed SEO strategies that consistently deliver organic search visibility. By being more visible your website will bring you increased visitors which you can try to convert into customers/sales.

Before the campaign begins

Prior to an SEO campaign you will be able to sit down with one of our SEO consultants who will conduct a full review and analysis of your website to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for SEO. We will then discuss whether or not your website is suitable for SEO and if it is then we can arrange to do research into your niche to give you a free quote for our services.

Our SEO consultants do research into your niche prior to an SEO campaign beginning because every client is different in terms of their competition and what they want to be found for, this means that some clients may need more work than what others do. By doing this we are able to give you a free quote that is completely specific to you and your website.

Optimising your website

If you agree to work with us after you have received your free quote from us then we will develop a strategy that includes on-site SEO and off-site SEO. We will also develop a creative content strategy that will allow us to promote your business online, establish trust with your audience, provide value and ultimately earn you authority links from reputable trusted websites.

We will carry out a monthly SEO report on your website, this is where we will analyse your performance over the last month. This is beneficial because it means that you can find out what progress your website is making.

No contracts & Set up fees

We are different from other SEO companies in Renfrewshire when it comes to contracts and set up fees because there aren’t any at all. This is beneficial because it means that you don’t have to pay out a large sum to start off with and you don’t have to worry about being tied into something that you can’t get out of until a specific date.

If you do decide that SEO isn’t for you then all we would ask is that you give us notice in advance, this is so that we can ensure that no more chargeable work is carried out on your website.

One client per industry

We only take on one client per industry because it’s not only fair to our clients but it also saves us from competing with ourselves, so you never have to worry about us doing SEO for another company in Renfrewshire that sells the same products/services as you.

Arrange a consultation

If you are in Renfrewshire or nearby and you’d like to find out more about our SEO services then just give us a call today. We’ll then be able to arrange a consultation where you can speak to one of our SEO consultants about this service.


SEO Consultant Glasgow

Why SEO is important to businesses

With more and more people searching Google for products/services, getting your website to the top of the search engine is of paramount importance for companies who are looking to expand and get new business.

Ethical & Ethical methods

Google is constantly updating it’s algorithm which means that SEO companies who have been using unethical methods have had their customers websites penalised and negatively affected by the updates. So if you’re looking for a reputable SEO company that use ethical methods to achieve results that last then you should come and take a look at what we can offer.

As SEO experts we have over 10 years experience in SEO and have achieved both local and national rankings for businesses in Glasgow from many different industries. We utilise the very latest ethical techniques which will allow us to get your website to page 1 of Google in a short time frame. We are one of a handful of accredited SEO companies in Glasgow who utilise the ethical techniques, we do this because we have found that this is the only way that we can build long term, sustainable page 1 rankings under a clients targeted key search terms.

Our prices

Apart from our tactics being different to other SEO companies our prices are also different, this is because we don’t take a one price fits all approach. Instead our SEO consultants will do research into your industry to establish what the competition is, this will allow us to put together a package that has been tailored specifically for your business.

Optimising your website

When we are optimising your website we will do so both onsite and offsite. This will include both creating new content for your website that comes in the form of blog posts and building links to your website.

We will be carrying out competitor analysis during the optimisation process, this is so that we can establish what your competitors are being found for which in turn can help to drive more traffic to your website instead of theirs.

Measuring your performance

Through monthly reporting our SEO consultants will show you steady growth in your website’s search performance. This will allow you to get more traffic to your website and ultimately rank higher on the search engines.

No set up fees or contracts

There are no set up fees or contracts with us, this is because we are confident enough in our own ability. If at any point you feel that SEO isn’t working for you then all you have to do is let one of our SEO consultants know in advance and they can make sure that no further chargeable work is carried out on your website.

Get in touch with us

If you are based in Glasgow and you’d be interested in finding out more about our SEO services then get in touch with us today. You will then be able to speak to one of our SEO consultants who will talk to you about SEO in greater depth and who will be able to give you a free quote based on your business and the competition that there is.