SEO Company Renfrewshire

We are an SEO company in Renfrewshire who specialise in providing the perfect solution for all of our customers – both big and small. We strive to make our customers websites visible online and we endeavor to deliver tangible results for each and every one of our clients.

We pride ourselves in our approachable, personalised working manner and aim to work with our clients to offer results that will last for years to come.

As an SEO company we are completely different from other companies in Renfrewshire that offer SEO as a service. This is because first and foremost our methods are completely ethical and are within Google’s guidelines. SEO companies who use methods that are unethical can get quick results for their clients websites, however, as soon as Google does an update that clients website will be penalised and could end up being banned by the search engines.

As well as being completely different when it comes to our methods we are also different in our prices, contracts and set up fees. With our prices we don’t just give each and every company the same prices, this is because every industry is different with their competition so they may need less or more work than what another company needs. We will carry out detailed research into your industry and the keywords that you want to target and find out how competitive it is, this will allow us to put together an SEO package that has been completely tailored to you.

We never charge set up fees because there is no point in charging our customers a big large sum to start off with, especially when a lot of customers may not necessarily be able to afford it. When it comes to contracts we feel confident enough in ourselves that we don’t have to tie any of our customers into a contract ever.

We only take on one client per industry in an area, this is because there would be no point in taking on more because we’d just be competing with ourselves. So if for example you were a builder in Renfrewshire then we won’t be doing SEO for any other builder in this area.

During your SEO campaign we will be optimising your website both onsite and offsite using a wide range of techniques. At the end of each month you will then be provided with a monthly report which details the progress that your website has made over that month. If there are any new products/services that you would like to target then we are also able to add that to the list of keywords that you want your website to be found for.

For additional information on what our SEO company can do for you please arrange a consultation with our main SEO. To do so all you have to do is give us a call on 0141 280 2411 and we’ll discuss an appropriate time and date to meet.