Digital Marketing Consultant Glasgow

Here at Digital Marketing Scotland we offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including:

Each of these digital marketing services can benefit you if you have a business in Glasgow that you want to promote online however, it’s up to you the way that you would like to promote it.

The services are different in the way that they all work.

SEO – With SEO you will be aiming to get your website visible on the search engine so that when someone searches for the products/services that you offer, they’ll find your website instead of your competitors. You will only pay a monthly fee with SEO whilst the main SEO is optimising your website organically.

Pay Per Click – Pay Per Click is similar in the way that it works, the only difference is you will get instant exposure with Pay Per Click however; this said once your daily budget has ran out you will no longer appear on the search engine so it’s worth keeping this in mind if you are choosing between Pay Per Click and SEO.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is completely different from these two digital marketing services in the sense that you would be effectively sending people emails directly into their email inbox promoting the services and products that you do.

Social Media Marketing– Promoting your business through social media involves adding posts and boosting them as well as creating a business page, this can be beneficial because social media platforms are so widely used by people who want to speak to their friends and family online.

Here at our agency in Glasgow, we have over 10 years industry experience in providing each of the digital marketing services mentioned above and can show some examples of our work. With our experience, you can have complete peace of mind that you will be using a team of experts as opposed to digital marketing consultants who don’t actually have any current experience doing the services that they offer.

The cost of each digital marketing service can vary depending on a wide range of factors for example your industry, the competition and your budget. One of our digital marketing consultants would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss our services with you along with the cost if you are interested in promoting your business in Glasgow online.

If you would like to speak to one of our digital marketing consultants about what we can offer then get in touch with us today by giving us a call on 0141 280 2411.

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