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PPC Management

Pay Per Click otherwise known as PPC means that you will pay for every single click that your website gets when it is listed on the paid ranking slots. You will normally see this down the right-hand side of any page and at the top or the bottom of the organic search positions. With Pay Per Click being Google’s biggest income stream more and more space is being made available online to promote paid ads, ultimately meaning that it is an ideal way to get instant exposure on page 1 for your desired keywords. The downside to Pay Per Click is that once your daily budget is up you will no longer appear on page 1 so it is vital that your campaign is managed properly in order to get the full value for your spend.

The Experts

Here at Digital Marketing Scotland, we have 12 + years experience in Pay Per Click. In this time we have done PPC Management for companies all over Glasgow and across Scotland for many years and have managed budgets ranging from £100 per month up to £10K+ per month. Utilising our tools and experience, our team are able to effectively help you to maximise your pay per click budget.


We use the best tools to ensure ongoing analysis of performing keywords.


We utilise the insights from analysis to target PPC campaign strategies.


Our method of managing PPC budgets ensures maximum return on investment.


With PPC it’s important that you get found for the right choice of keywords, if you don’t have enough you could be missing out on massive amounts of traffic, or if you have too many then you are potentially wasting a huge percentage of your budget on keywords that don’t perform or convert that well.

We have the tools at our disposal to search what the general public are searching for, this allows us to make sure that your campaign is targeting the keywords that are most searched for that relate to your industry and the products/services you offer. The benefit of us using these tools is that it stops you from being found for generic keywords that are likely to convert little or no traffic.


There is no set monthly budget that anyone has to spend, however, the more money that you invest in your campaign the more clicks and leads that we can get you. In many cases, we have clients who tend to start out with a small monthly budget to see how successful it is, although this is the case it’s up to you what your business can currently afford to spend.


If you haven’t done pay per click in the last 6 weeks (or even if you have never done pay per click ads in the past) we are able to provide you with a £75 voucher to spend on Adwords after you spend your first £25, which helps with any new pay per click campaign.

Measuring your performance

Throughout your campaign, we will be measuring your performance and will be constantly refining it so that you are getting the most from your budget. We can also put the progress of your campaign into a report so that you can see for yourself what the campaign is doing for your business.

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