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SEO is a marketing service that is used by businesses of all industries in Glasgow. The service works by getting a company’s website found on the Google search engine for keywords that relate to that particular company’s services and/or products.

The fact that more and more people in Glasgow are searching online when they need a product/service means that it is more important than ever before to have a presence on the Google search engine.

At our company we specialise in SEO and have over 10 years industry experience in ranking a broad range of businesses for both local and national search terms.

When you come to us to discuss this marketing service you can expect one of our consultants to sit down with you who will discuss your industry and what keywords you want to be found for. With this information we will then be able to do research into your industry to determine the competition and from that we can then give you an accurate free quote for this service.

If you decide to go ahead using our SEO services then you can expect our team to start optimising your website both onsite and offsite. This involves us developing new content for your website that is not only relevant to the search engines but that is great for your visitors. Alongside this we will be building links to reinforce your relevance to the search engines as well as carrying out various other tasks on and off your website.

We will be monitoring the results from your campaign and will put the information in a report for you each month, this way you’ll be able to measure your success online since starting a campaign with us.

Google has guidelines in place and if you don’t do SEO within the required guidelines then it could result in your website being penalised and banned by them, causing you to lose your website rankings and ultimately all of the money that you’ve put into your campaign. At our marketing agency, we only practice ethical SEO so you never have to worry about the long term effectiveness of your campaign being damaged.

Other than using a trusted agency, you can benefit from using a company that doesn’t do SEO for more than one client per industry in an area. So if for example you have a dental surgery in Glasgow then we won’t do SEO for any other dental surgeries in the area.

For more information on what we can do for you, simply get in touch with our team today by giving us a call on 0141 280 2411.

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