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SEO Services Glasgow

Here at Digital Marketing Scotland we are based in Glasgow and provide SEO services to companies in Glasgow and all over Scotland. Being a local SEO company it is important that we rank well for the services we provide and the fact you have come across our website shows that we are ranking well for search terms that relate to search engine optimisation in our area. Below we will go into more detail as to what SEO is and what you can expect from an SEO campaign

What is SEO and why do you need it ?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, as it is more commonly known,  is essential for any business who has a website. People get a website to market themselves or their products but many people have this assumption that you simply get a website and lots of enquiries will pop through, this isn’t the case. You will need some SEO in order for your website to rank well for search terms that relate to the products or services that you are providing.

In making your website more visible on the search engine you will have increased visitors which will give you the opportunity to then convert these visitors to sales/customers. The benefit of this is that not only will it get your name out there but it will hopefully increase your return on investment.


You want your website to appear in internet searches.


We have working knowledge of current search engines algorithms.


With the appropriate strategy, we will help your website to rank high.

What we can offer

It’s important that you target keywords that are actually searched for because anyone can rank you for obscure keywords that no-one else targets, for example, we saw someone who targeted Coach and Mini Bus Hire Scotland. Now anyone looking for a mini bus isn’t likely to look for a coach, and vice versa it’s a contradiction really. It would be very easy to rank for something like that but it isn’t likely to have loads of enquiries.

As an experienced SEO company we would ask you what you offer and what you think you should be found for, we would then go away and do some research. Afterward, we would come back to you with a list of keywords that relate to what you offer that are actually searched by the general public.

Anything that is worth ranking for isn’t likely to come easy which is why it takes time and a bit of hard work and effort. There are over 200 variables that Google give weight to in order to rank your website and an SEO will keep up to date with the latest trends and ranking signals. Having said this, SEO is something that is simple if hard work and effort is put in; there are many individuals/companies out there who are scared of doing some hard work which is why these companies tend to fail.

All of our techniques are completely ethical and have been used for many years. They have provided long-term success for each and every one of our customers which is beneficial because it means that you won’t have to worry about your website being banned from the Google search engine.

No Contracts/Set up fees

There are a lot of digital marketing companies who will tie you into a contract and/or charge a setup fee. We are different from these companies because there are no contracts with us. You also won’t be charged set up fees, so you don’t have to worry about a large sum to pay to begin with or being tied into something that you no longer want.

The cost of SEO

There can’t be a flat rate fee for everyone because the cost is dependent on the client. For example, if someone wanted to rank for SEO Glasgow and related search terms or someone came and wanted to be found for SEO in a place like Saltcoats then we couldn’t possibly charge the same fee, this is because Saltcoats would generally be much easier than Glasgow due to much lower competition.

Time is a big factor when it comes to SEO, so the more time that we have the more keywords we can create content for and target for you. We typically work with clients to suit their budgets and get them running with SEO and you can adjust your budget going forward to suit how much business you would like to win. All you will need to do is get in contact with us and we can provide you with a FREE no obligation quote for our SEO Services.

Monthly Reports

A lot of our clients don’t have the time to sit and work out what they are now being found for and what they aren’t which is why during your SEO campaign we will provide you with monthly reports, this will allow you to measure your performance since starting out on an SEO campaign. You can also advise on any areas that you wish to target next whether it be a new product/service or a new area that you want to offer your products/services in.

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